What Are the Benefits of Buying Automated Curtains?

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While your typical window treatments certainly look pretty, give you the privacy you need, and help with light control, what if we could tell you that they could do more? Automated curtains provide everything that traditional curtains do, but have extra functions that will add even more value to your home! If you’re looking for automated curtains in the tri-state area, Urban Window Treatments is right up your alley! We are a reputable window treatment company that specializes in customizing and installing automated curtains NYC. Here are the benefits to buying automated curtains.


Can Be Operated without Touch

Automated curtains NYC are convenient and so easy to use! Whether you’ve got your hands full with your kids or are on the couch reading or watching TV, the last thing that you want to do is get up to adjust your curtains. Luckily, automated curtains can be set to open or close at whatever time of the day you want them to. For example, if there’s a specific time of day where the sun glares on your TV, you can set your curtains to close around that time so you don’t have to do it yourself. The ideal location for an automated curtain is a window behind a large piece of furniture that may be hard to reach.


Offers Maximum Security for Kids and Pets

Corded window treatments are extremely dangerous for young kids and pets. That’s why the cordless design on automated curtains and shades are one of the safest window treatment options for both parents and pet owners. Automated curtains will give you that peace of mind you desire and you’ll never have to worry about the safety of your kids and pets around your blinds again!


Improves Your Home’s Energy-Efficiency 

Automated curtains help save energy within your home by insulating and controlling the light in your home better. This is important because during winter they’ll keep the heat inside while preventing cold air from entering, and in summer they’ll keep the cool air in while not allowing heat to enter, lowering the cost of your utility bills! With automated curtains, you also have the ability to maximize the light in your home by setting your blinds to open and close at specific times in the day.


Protects Your Furniture and Decor From the Sun

Occasionally homeowners can forget to close their shades when the sun is directly shining into their homes, which can cause irreversible discoloration and fading to furniture and decor. However, automated curtains allow you to protect your possessions by programming how much light can enter the room. With automated curtains you can relax and don’t have to worry about remembering to close the curtains yourself. 


Added Security When You’re Away

While the most obvious function of a window covering is to prevent people from looking into your home, automated curtains take your privacy and security up to a whole new level. Some automated curtains can operate throughout the day to make it seem like someone is home, even if you’re on vacation hundreds of miles away. Out of all other window treatments, automated curtains are the most likely to prevent break-ins, especially when paired with an automated home lighting system.


Improved Sleep Quality

Do you have trouble falling asleep in a room that’s not dark? Thankfully you can buy automated curtains with maximum light-blocking opacity. While you could go with the traditional blackout shades, automated curtains also have the ability to wake you up naturally, so you don’t need to be abruptly awakened by an alarm clock. Setting your automated curtains to slowly open in the morning will allow you to peacefully wake up as it gets lighter outside.


Ability to Integrate with Your Smart Home Systems

One of everyone’s favorite features when it comes to automated curtains is the ability to integrate your automated curtains with your existing smart home system. Unlike standard window treatments, automated curtains can work in harmony with other smart home systems. You can set your automated curtains to work alongside automated lights and thermostat controls! So in the morning, you can set your automated curtains to open, turn the heat on or off, and shut off the outside lights around the same time.


Interested in Buying Automated Curtains Yet?

After reading the many advantages of automated curtains, we’d be surprised if your answer is anything other than a resounding yes. Urban Window Treatments is happy to be your go-to resource for automated curtains and shades. We can motorize any shade including Roller shades, Honeycomb shades, Silhouette, Luminette, Roman shades, Wood blinds, Vertical blinds, Bamboo shades, and Drapes. Looking for automated curtains NYC? Request a free in-home consultation today so we can help you select the best option!


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