8 Window Treatments That will keep you in Trend 2022

December 3, 2022by Elhanan0

Who said window treatments just have to be practical? What you and your house need is a practical yet aesthetic window treatment that hit two birds with one stone. Nevertheless, aesthetic treatments are important but their functioning is as much so.

In this following article, we’ll take a look at some of the trendiest and most efficient window treatments near you,

1. Plantation Shades

The perfect window shade option that will add character to your room without spending much is the slick, and easy plantation shutter. They’re easy to operate while slickly giving a clean, classic, and aesthetic touch to your room. The shutters come in countless materials such as faux or wood options. Although, to avoid damage and warping we don’t recommend wood for highly-moisturized areas. Visit our showroom or contact us for free consultation >>

2. Roller Shades

Roller shades are amongst the trendiest home option in 2022. A big plus is how extremely practical it is at blocking light smoothly and efficiently when desired.
Its slick and simple—yet refined texture can add a pleasant touch to your room’s design. Additionally, these come in nearly every color, giving you a chance to fit this into nearly every room and design.
These shades by far complement more contemporary rooms with their straight lines and colour variants. Roller shades have a sleek and clean look to them which can be the perfect touch to a modern home.

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3. Blinds

Blinds may seem like a generic option, but they are so commonplace with so many various options, that they have become incredibly trendy. They are easy to work with, but may let in cracks of light through their slits—to some its the perfect choice. As mentioned, there are countless variation types, there’s something for everyone’s taste.
Regardless, we recommend that you look through our large array of blind options that fit your taste
If done cheaply, blinds can appear just as so. Adjust the blind to its window and room theme.


4. Technological Window Treatments

Electric windows are amongst the most amusing and impressive window treatment options.

You can heighten your quality of life with just a click of a button to add not only effective and aesthetic window treatments, but as well impressive and comftrable ones. You can add automatic options to your window treatments and control your curtains (etc.) remotely even if you’re far from home.

This function can be the important function you’ve been looking for for your trendy window treatments. There are countless options to choose from.

5. Metal Hardware

Metal hardware is extremely in trend right now. Accent rods can make curtains and rooms seem fancier even if they aren’t. We professionally recommend searching through your options for metal hardware especially if you already have fancy curtains to adorn them.
In the context of metal hardware, there are dozens of options to sort through, so take your time, but remember that you’re looking in the right place.


6. Black Window Frames

By far the best way to spice up your home is with black window frames, they compliment the window and simultaneously add a stunning aesthetic touch to a room. If this is your window frame choice, we don’t recommend adding too many more unnecessary additions as it could overdo the window.
Obviously, you must install this before building your windows in a house renovation of construction—this can still be an option even if those cases don’t apply to you, it just means it will be less cost effective to do so.

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7. Minimalistic

When you’re unsure or in doubt, minimalist window treatment options may seem to be your best option. Combining a minimalistic option with black window frames proves to be the most efficient of options. With windows, less is often more as windows don’t tend to be the center focus points of rooms. If they in fact are, then try to give them the attention they deserve.
With this in mind, we recommend window frame options that can leave more open options for you. This is why we advise selecting a window treatment that is sleek yet simple. Get in our shop now >>


8. Wooden Windows

Wooden windows are making a grand comeback. Windows like these accent the room in a pleasant while not adding too much. Additionally, we sell them in a number of different forms and styles, giving you numerous options in your home style.
Of course, this is possible only if you are renovating and replacing your older windows. Urban Window Treatments offers custom window options for beautiful situations just as this.
Windows such as these wooden windows offer plenty to your house in their own regards, but they most certainly prove as an ‘effortless’ option to add a warm and classic touch to your home reminiscent of a cozy mountain style.
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There are dozens of options to dress and design your windows in, but we listed some of the trendiest and in-style options to achieve so. You can add functions to your window treatments such as technological amenities to add comfort and a modernistic touch to your curtains. This gives you the opportunity to manage your window treatment without having to budge.

With the fascinating and relaxing modernistic designs of some of our more contemporary options, you can complement your home with some of the trendiest blinds in 2022.
Nevertheless, you can choose from more classical options which can give your home the perfect cozy and/or elegant touch your rooms desire. For example, plantation shades and wooden frames have been around for centuries, yet still offer a refreshing and clean option to any home.
Finally, when it comes to dressing and covering your windows, it’s important to take into consideration all the different critical features of your window, we hope this article gave you some inspiration for your window-covering ideas. Take your time looking through Urban Window Treatments’ extensive array of window cover and frame options in order to select the most effective and aesthetic options that will leave you proud of your room and windows.



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