What Are the Best Window Treatments for Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are an excellent source of natural light and an easy way to display your backyard. However, leaving your sliding glass doors bare has its disadvantages, including lack of privacy, excessive direct sunlight, and considerable heat loss. Fortunately, you can buy window treatments that meet all of your needs! Selecting window treatments for sliding glass doors can be challenging since you’ll want to choose window treatments that are both stylish and functional. In this article, we’ll discuss the best window treatments from vertical blinds to solar shades for sliding glass doors!

Vertical Cellular Shades

Since sliding glass doors contain such large glass panels, buying insulative and energy-efficient window treatments is a necessity. Vertical cellular shades are not only extremely energy-efficient, but they also offer excellent insulation capabilities and will reduce your monthly utility bills! Additionally, their vertical design makes them incredibly easy to use on your patio doors—simply slide them open and close.


Vertical cellular shades are available in single, double, and triple-cell construction. Take note that the more cells your shades have, the more air they’ll trap and the better the insulation they’ll provide. Urban Window Treatments offers vertical cellular shades in many colors, textures, and specialized shapes.

Vertical Blinds and Shades

Because of their flexibility, vertical blinds are a popular choice for sliding glass doors that lead out to a porch or patio. When you install vertical blinds on your sliding glass doors, you have the option of leaving your door open and keeping your vertical blinds closed to maintain your privacy while enjoying a cool summer breeze! Their side-to-side movement keeps your doors functional while still allowing you to use your blinds effectively.


Vertical blinds attach to the top of a window frame and have panels that run vertically down to the floor. They can be opened, closed, and adjusted using a blind tilt wand. You may be familiar with or have past experiences using cheap white or off-white vertical blinds (perhaps in your first apartment). Fortunately, vertical blinds are no longer as limited as they once were! Urban Window Treatments offers high-quality vertical blinds in a large selection of colors, textures, and vane sizes. Our vertical blinds are S-shaped for optimal privacy and light blockage and come in vinyl and fabric styles.


Vertical shades, on the other hand, are a fusion of vertical blinds and sheer curtains, combining the functionality of blinds with the aesthetics of curtains. The difference between vertical blinds and shades is that vertical shades contain fabric that connects the vanes. Vertical shades are available in a variety of opacities, ranging from sheer to opaque.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a practical horizontal window treatment option for sliding glass doors that are easy to use and won’t limit your door’s functionality. When raised, these window treatments neatly roll into a cassette and can be adjusted using a standard continuous cord and clutch, cordless lifting system, or motorization options.


When lowered, roller shades offer a sleek and modern appearance. These window treatments are available in a large range of colors, opacities, and materials. Roller shades are also insulative and durable, making them an excellent option if you have kids or pets.

Solar Shades

Solar shades may have the same clean aesthetic as roller shades, but they are designed to block harmful UV rays, manage sunlight, and reduce heat transfer in addition to all of the benefits roller shades provide. If you purchase solar shades for sliding glass doors, you’ll be able to preserve your outside view without being blinded by glare or roasted by the afternoon sun.


One of the problems with sliding glass doors is that if you leave them untreated, they can let in excessive amounts of sunlight into your home. Too much direct sunlight can be harmful to your health and cause damage to your furniture, flooring, and decor. Fortunately, solar shades are specifically designed to filter out harsh sunlight and harmful UV rays.


Solar shades for sliding glass doors come in a range of opacities or openness factors. The openness factor refers to the tightness of the fabric’s weave or how much light will pass through. For example, a solar shade with an openness factor of 3% will block 97% of UV rays and let 3% in. The lower the openness factor, the more opaque the shade. The higher the openness factor, the more transparent the shade, which will give you a better view of your backyard.

Drapery and Curtains

Custom drapes and curtains are among the most stunning and luxurious window treatments for sliding glass doors. Drapes and curtains are ideal for privacy, light control, and insulation.


Along with your assistance, Urban Window Treatments can design beautiful custom drapes or curtains that perfectly fit your glass sliding doors. You also have the option of lining your window treatments with a privacy or blackout liner.


Because of their weight, drapes and curtains are not the easiest window treatments to adjust (especially when they’re made from heavy fabrics). But you can always pair them with a second window treatment such as roller or solar shades for sliding glass doors. If you do this, you can use the roller or solar shades throughout the day and close your custom drapes at night when privacy is more important than accessibility.


We recommend choosing shorter lengths for your drapes or curtains rather than having them pool on the floor. This is because longer drapery and curtain styles can drag on the floor, get dusty, and pose as a tripping hazard when you walk through your patio door.

Which Window Treatments Should You Choose?

While sliding glass doors are a game-changer, they can cause several issues if they are left untreated, which is why we suggest choosing window treatments for them. But which window treatments should you choose? When choosing the perfect window treatments for sliding glass doors, it’s best to consider your budget, preferences, and needs. Ask yourself several questions. Is it more important that your window treatments are energy-efficient or offer UV protection? Do you want to preserve your view?


Once you have determined your priorities, reach out to Urban Window Treatments. If you’re unsure what you need, we’d be more than happy to assist you. With over two decades of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you can be confident that our designers will assist you in selecting the best sliding door window treatments for your house!

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