August 30, 2021

Even if you’re completely committed to protecting your family from harmful UV rays and preventing your furnishings from becoming discolored, it can be very difficult to remember to open, close, or adjust your shades at different times throughout the day. This is where motorized shades come into play. If you’re looking for “motorized shades near...

August 30, 2021

Are you looking for “automatic shades near me” but are overwhelmed because there are endless options? Well, you’re not alone. If you try Googling “automatic shades near me,” you’re going to be bombarded with millions of results. Fortunately, if you live in New York City, we can narrow down the options for you. If you’re...

July 12, 2021

Roman shades are timeless window treatments that have been around for centuries, but just because they’ve been around forever, it doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style. Roman shades are very popular among many homeowners today! They are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to fit any homeowner’s style while effectively meeting...

February 28, 2021

Want to feel majestic in your home? Velvet curtains may be just what you’re looking for. They will add luxury to any room while creating an atmosphere that’s timeless. If you’re looking to purchase velvet curtains around your area, Urban Window Treatments can customize velvet curtains NYC! Choose the color and length of your velvet...

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