Plantation Shutters? How to Choose What Fits You Best

December 4, 2022by Elhanan0

Yes, We Install Invisible Tile Shutters

Plantation Shutters have become highly correlated with quality and class due to their Southern ambiance and aesthetic charm.
In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know before you purchase your own interior plantation shutters.

Wood or Composite?

Natural wood shutters may seem thrilling at first glance to many shutter seekers, but we recommend glancing a second time as the price tag may be pricey. But on the other hand, nothing looks cheaper than a plastic investment.
Due to this price tag, many have been offering look-alike options to wood that attempt at resembling it as much as possible. Faux wood options can be ideal as they still do both an effective and aesthetic job as they effectively keep the sun and heat out while keeping your room cooled and decorative.
While natural real wood shutters do still hold great appeal, it can be due to their texture and authenticity: the shutters smell like wood and have the grainy texture one expects from wood while having a clear natural appearance even from afar.


Louvers are the horizontal slats in the shutter that allow or restrict the inflow of sunlight into your room.
Similar to selecting your preferred blind slat size, you should select the right louver you’d want which highly depends on the amount of sunlight you want to let into your room, and your most favorite size.
Typically the louvers of plantation shutters can measure at 2 ½ to 4 ½ inches, each measurement offering a unique look and effect.

Often smaller louvers for smaller windows and compliment each other significantly. We recommend choosing more traditionally seen sizes which have considerably smaller openings subsequently offering more privacy from those passing by.
Maintenance should be considered along with attractively, as smaller louvers are certainly attractive, but they do offer a bigger struggle when it comes to cleaning them, of course, larger louvers are much easier to clean. Ask us about our dust-resistant plantation shutter options, which can save you time, and energy.
Nonetheless, wider louvers offer a considerably more grand and wealthier appearance, ideal to compliment large windows which can make the seeming effect of making them bigger than they are. They can let in more sunlight when opened, and can as well create a cinematic darkness when tilted to your liking.

Considering the room

It is no question that different rooms in your house call for different matching themes.
Plantation shutters for instance look fascinating in living rooms and kitchens, but may need more attention to avoid high moisture conditions which can affect natural wood shutter options.
Many play with their louver sizes based on the room and its purpose, for instance in a living room wider and larger louvers may give a brighter and more open sensation. Bedrooms tend to have smaller louvers which may offer a more intimately comfortable option.

Plantation shutters are beautiful options on their own, but its important to leave an open mind as these aren’t always the best options for every situation; other blinds and even curtain options can be fitting as well.
Considering other options
Imagine the modern look of sleek gray roller shades or the heavy draping historic elegance of metal rod hung curtains. As plantation shutters are appealing, as much as these options and more—always match the window treatment to the room.
Try exploring our site and different window treatment options before closing in on one option, there can always be a more fitting option that serves more uses, consider plantation shades vs. blinds on our extensive site.
Browse our options and get help matching
Urban Window Treatments have a team of highly skilled workers, designing the perfect window treatment for your home. Our designers evaluate your space and design choices based on a guideline of design principles that ensures your continued happiness.

Selecting an option has never been easier with our online browsing. Look through our countless options and functions such as mobilizing your curtains with remote options, or find the perfect matching blinds or shutters!
We’re as convenient as helpful!, contact us or visit us at our strategic site in Upper East Side, NYC for more details.
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