Why Should You Purchase Outdoor Solar Shades?

Want to curl up with a good book on your porch, balcony, or in your sunroom but intense sunlight, lack of privacy, and heat prevent you from enjoying your outdoor enclosure? Fortunately, outdoor solar shades can make all of these problems disappear! But what’s the difference between indoor and outdoor solar shades? Exterior solar sun shades, as opposed to their indoor counterparts, are installed on the outside of your windows or outdoor enclosure to filter the sun’s harmful UV rays, reduce heat, and increase privacy. If you’re looking for a way to reclaim your outdoor space, outdoor solar shades are the answer! Continue reading this article to discover the numerous benefits of outdoor solar shades.

Keep Cool in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy your outdoor pool enclosure, porch, or balcony. Unfortunately, it can be hard to do so when temperatures skyrocket and the sun’s rays are at their strongest. This is where outdoor solar shades come in. They can significantly reduce the amount of heat that is transferred not only to your outdoor area but also to nearby rooms in your house. This means you’ll save money on monthly utilities since your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool!

Block Harmful UV Rays

The sun’s UV rays can be extremely harmful to your skin and can lead to many health issues ranging from premature aging to skin cancer. While many outdoor spaces contain a covered roof, even brief exposure to the sun’s UV rays can pose a number of health risks. Outdoor solar shades allow you to enjoy your outside area and surrounding indoor rooms while reducing the damaging effects of the sun.

Protect Your Furniture From Fading

Your skin isn’t the only thing that is negatively impacted by the sun’s rays. Did you know that it can also damage your furniture, flooring, and decor? Whether your furnishings are made out of fabric or wood, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause them to lose color and vibrancy, giving them a washed-out appearance. If you want to protect your grandmother’s vintage sofa, we recommend installing outdoor solar shades to extend its lifespan.

Preserve Your Beautiful View

One of the perks of having a balcony, porch, or patio is being able to enjoy the beautiful scenery around you whether that is your pool, lawn, or garden! Urban Window Treatments carries exterior solar sun shades of various opacities, meaning you can purchase outdoor solar shades that are practically transparent or opaque (depending on your needs) while still receiving all of the benefits.

Improve Privacy

For many homeowners, enjoying their outdoor area also means sacrificing privacy, especially if their home is in close proximity to their neighbors or they have a porch that faces the street. Fortunately, outdoor solar shades are the perfect solution to increasing your family’s privacy. Since Urban Window Treatments offers a wide range of exterior solar sun shade options, you will definitely be able to find a solution that combines privacy with view preservation.

Reduce Glare Throughout the Day

Do you have a pool or pond in your backyard? If you do, you may have noticed that there is a blinding glare at certain times of the day. This occurs because water reflects sunlight. Outdoor solar shades can reduce glare and reflection, eliminating the need for wearing sunglasses around your pool or pond!

Brighten Up and Increase the Value of Your Home

Many homeowners mistake outdoor solar shades for purely functional window treatments, but there are many stylish and attractive options for outdoor spaces. At Urban Window Treatments, we offer a large selection of exterior solar sun shades, including many designs, colors, and opacities! Other than meeting all of your window treatment needs, and enhancing the aesthetics of your home, outdoor solar shades can also increase the value of your property significantly. If you’re planning on selling your home in the next few years, these window treatments will give your home an edge over the competition, especially if you purchase motorized outdoor solar shades. Although you may not want to invest in outdoor solar shades if you expect to move sometime soon, these window treatments will certainly pay off!

Can Be Customized to Fit Any Outdoor Area

One-size-fits-all outdoor solar shades aren’t an option since outdoor spaces range from sunrooms to porches. Urban Window Treatments offers exterior solar sun shades that can be customized to fit your unique outdoor area whether it’s a balcony or pool enclosure. Our outdoor solar shades can be fitted on the outside or inside of your window frames; however, before measuring, decide where you’ll be mounting them.

Easy to Operate

Outdoor solar shades can be easily operated using a continuous cord and clutch or cordless lifting system. If you choose a continuous cord and clutch, simply pull on the cord to lower and raise your outdoor shades. To operate a cordless lifting system, pull down on the bottom rail. Urban Window Treatments also offers motorized outdoor solar shades for even easier operation!

Built to Last

Unlike indoor window treatments, outdoor solar shades are extremely durable. Urban Window Treatments’ exterior solar sun shades are designed to endure inclement weather and prolonged exposure to the sun. When you purchase outdoor solar shades, you can be confident that these window treatments will last for many years with minimal upkeep.

Keep Insects and Pests Out

The most unpleasant part of spending time in your outdoor area is being harassed by insects and pests. But what if we told you that outdoor solar shades can keep those pesky pests away from you and your family? Exterior solar sun shades will act as a barrier between you and creepy crawlies so you can ditch the bug spray and other pest-blocking devices.

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