A Simple Guide to Blackout Shades in NYC

October 9, 2020by Yeshourun0

Shades are a common type of window treatment in NYC. Whether you want expertly styled and intricately woven shades or some blackout shades to keep the sun from disturbing your sleep, you can find anything you need if you know which window treatment companies to contact!

Plus, shades are almost essential if you live in New York City. With direct sunlight in the morning and the blinding LEDs and neon lights in the street at night, high-quality shades can go a long way in giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

If you’re looking for some blackout shades in NYC to help keep the lights out, follow this easy guide to make sure you get the bang for your buck!

Types of Shades That Can Be Converted To Blackout Shades

A ‘blackout’ shade refers to a shade fabric that can block as much external light as possible to give your room as much darkness as possible. High-quality blackout shades, like those from Urban Window Treatments, are carefully designed to minimize light seams, gaps, and rout holes.

The type of fabric and material used to design the shade will affect its quality and effectiveness. Not all shades can be converted into blackout shades. Let’s check out the options we have.

Roller Shade

Roller shades are a great minimalistic design choice for most modern homes. Their strength is in their versatility because they can complement almost any living space. A roller shade contains a sheet of fabric rolled around a cylindrical rod attached at the top of the window frame. You can easily unfurl them using a wire or by going one step further and motorizing them.

Here are some of the features of these roll up blackout shades:

  • They can handle long-term and frequent usage.
  • They’re easy to use.
  • They can be customized to fit any window size.
  • You have loads of colors and fabrics available to choose from.
  • You can use it as a base layer for other window treatments.
  • They’re not noticeable when fully raised so that you can have an undisturbed view.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades have a classic and antique look to them, thanks to their signature clean folds. They are a brilliant and unique option for many period homes that have long and thin windows.

Here are some of the features of pleated shades:

  • They’re more affordable when compared to other shade types.
  • You have a lot of fabric options.
  • The stack height is very small, so they disappear from view when they are open.
  • They do not have great insulation.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are known for their functionality and quality. They provide fantastic temperature regulation thanks to their insulation capabilities. The distinctive honeycomb design traps air within its ‘cells’ and protects your home from both heat and cold.

Here are some of the features of honeycomb shades:

  • They have thick fabrics.
  • They are meant for everyday use.
  • They do not obstruct the view when raised because of minimal stack.

Vignette Shades (Roman Shades)

Vignette shades are one of the most popular shades used in American homes today. Roman shades come in various design and fabric options, so you can’t go wrong with these blackout shades.

Here are some of the features of vignette shades:

  • You have full light control.
  • They’re relatively affordable.
  • They’re easy to install.
  • You won’t get a lot of insulation.

How Do I Get Blackout Shades in NYC?

Whether you want to darken your bedroom for a restful sleep or keep out the NYC light pollution at night, Urban Window Treatments can help you with an array of premium quality fabric blackout shades in NYC. It is one of the best window treatment companies in NYC.

Our expert craftsmen can create shades that perfectly match your room and preferences. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home to shop for blackout shades in NYC.

All you have to do is visit our website to book your free consultation, and our experts will be at your doorstep with everything you would need to choose the perfect shades!

If you are not looking for blackout shades and are looking for other “window treatments near me” on Google, then you should know we also offer blackout curtains that expertly block light and add extra style to your room. You can also go for some of our blackout slat budget blinds for a more affordable option.

We have something for everyone living in NYC!


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