Best Window Treatments for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

March 22, 2022by Yeshourun0

Imagine being able to get a good night’s sleep every night, a night of sleep that leaves you rejuvenated and energized for the next day! A good night’s sleep is essential for your health and mood. In fact, sleep deprivation can negatively affect your health in many ways by leading to restlessness, high blood pressure, and diabetes. So how can you get a good night’s sleep?


One of the best ways to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep is to create a comfortable sleeping environment. In busy cities like New York City, residents often struggle with external factors like noise and light. Fortunately, you can make your bedroom more relaxing by purchasing window blinds NYC that block out both light and noise. If you work at night and sleep during the day, or have kids who need to nap, you’ll want to purchase blackout window treatments. Today, we’re going to help you select the best window treatments for a good night’s sleep and creating the perfect sleeping environment.


Blackout Roller Shades

Blackout roller shades are one of the most popular solutions for creating a dark and comfortable bedroom so you and your loved ones can get the rest that you need at any time of the day. Blackout roller shades are also an excellent choice for privacy and insulation. Since roller shades are simple window treatments that are made of a single piece of fabric, they offer limitless design options from neutral colors to colorful patterns; the choice is yours!


Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades are another great option for creating the perfect sleeping environment. These window treatments not only block out light, but they also provide exceptional insulation and noise reduction! Honeycomb shades are available in room darkening and blackout options and come in large a selection of colors, allowing you to personalize them to complement your bedroom’s decor.



Dark-colored drapes are extremely effective at blocking out light and providing privacy. Drapes also add an extra layer of insulation to your windows and significantly reduce outside noise, allowing you to shut out that pesky New York City traffic! These window treatments are available in a large selection of colors, patterns, and designs. Additionally, drapes can be lined if you want to increase their light-blocking abilities.


Roman Shades

Roman shades are quite effective at blocking out light and sound, especially when paired with another window treatment or lined with a high-quality liner. These shades are available in an array of colors and designs and can be customized to complement your bedroom’s decor. Keep in mind that the thicker the fabric you choose, the more efficient your shades will be.  


How to Completely Eliminate Light Gaps

Since conventional window treatments cannot be made to perfectly fit to the sides of the window’s frame, they create a light gap. Without this gap, your shades and window blinds NYC would scrape along the sides of the window frame as they are lowered and raised. This light gap can be problematic and can disturb your sleep! Fortunately, there are several ways to eliminate light gaps, which we will discuss further below. 



You can get the ultimate blackout effect by layering multiple window treatments. Hanging drapery panels from the sides of your windows and layering them with another window treatment will help you create the perfect sleeping environment while visually enhancing your bedroom. For example, you can layer blackout drapes with light filtering honeycomb shades or roller shades for maximum light control.


Light Blocking Strips

Light blocking strips are L-shaped pieces of plastic that are placed in front of or behind your window treatments to get rid of light gaps. They come in a range of lengths and can be trimmed with a pair of kitchen scissors to fit your window frames. To install them, simply peel off the sticky backing and place them as close to the sides of your window frame as possible. We recommend purchasing light blocking strips if you’re ordering roller shades for your bedroom and intend to mount them inside your window since they create large gaps between the shade and the window frame.


Choose an Outside Mount

You can also get rid of light gaps by choosing to mount your window blinds NYC outside of your window frames. When ordering outside mounted window treatments, we advise that you add an extra 4 to 6 inches to the overall width and height of the shade for full coverage. This will allow the shade to overlap the window and get rid of light gaps. There may still be a soft halo of light around your windows, but it shouldn’t be too bright. 


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