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Roman shades are timeless window treatments that have been around for centuries, but just because they’ve been around forever, it doesn’t mean they’ve gone out of style. Roman shades are very popular among many homeowners today! They are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to fit any homeowner’s style while effectively meeting their needs. However, with the large selection of fabrics, patterns, and textures, choosing roman shades can be an overwhelming task. Luckily, Urban Window Treatments has created a guide to help you choose the perfect roman shades for your home. If you’re looking for roman shades NYC, we’ve got you covered!


Why Roman Shades? 

There are dozens of other shade options, so why choose roman shades?


Just like a finely tailored suit, roman shades can be tailored to your home. With endless colors, designs, and style options, you can create the window treatments of your dreams. Customizations can be made to fit your uniquely sized and shaped windows. On top of that, roman shades are extremely easy to use. While tilt wands can be difficult for some individuals to manipulate, roman shades use pull cords or continuous loop cording to operate.



When looking for roman shades, you’ll notice that there are several variations in which the fabric drapes or folds. Roman shades are available in various styles including Standard Flat Fold, Plain Fold, Soft Fold, and European Fold. 



When choosing fabric for your roman shades NYC, the fabric options may seem endless. However, knowing the answer to these questions can help you narrow down your options. 


How Much Light Do You Need to Block Out? 

If you want purely decorative shades, feel free to select a thinner and lighter fabric. But, if you want to place your shades in a bedroom, for example, and need to block out more light, go with a fabric that is thicker, heavier, and darker in color. Remember that you can always add lining to thinner shades to improve light filtration. 


How Often Will You Use Your Shades?

How often do you actively raise and lower your shades? If you intend to raise and lower your shades a few times throughout the day, you’ll want to use a more durable fabric. If your shades are purely decorative, you can choose a more delicate fabric. 


Will Your Windows Get Direct Sunlight?

Are you buying window treatments for a window that gets direct sunlight? Direct sunlight can cause your shades to fade if they aren’t made of high-quality material. It’s important to choose the highest-quality fabrics to prevent discoloration especially for rooms that are constantly bright. 


Where Can I Install Roman Shades?

Roman shades can be installed in every room, but some fabrics can’t be used in certain rooms. For example, traditional fabrics cannot be used in damp places such as in a kitchen or bathroom since they can collect mold easily due to humidity. Polyester and cotton blends or 100% cotton fabrics can be used in damp rooms since they can be washed regularly. Besides kitchens and bathrooms, roman shades of any material can be installed in every room!


Lined or Unlined?

While it isn’t necessary to line your roman shades NYC, liners can help prevent fading and provide extra insulation. Most people prefer to use blackout lining in their bedrooms to get a good night’s sleep. If you want to maximize the natural light in a room and the room isn’t directly facing sunlight, you don’t need a lining for the shade. Don’t worry, your fabric won’t fade!  



When it comes to choosing the color of your roman shades, the options are endless! Selecting the perfect color all depends on your preferences. Would you rather go for a neutral look or a bold look? If you don’t want your window treatments to be the room’s focal point, opt for shades of white or cream. Or if you want a more exciting look, you can choose bright colors that complement the room. Be bold and experiment with different patterns and prints—there really aren’t any limitations!


Looking for Roman Shades NYC? Contact Urban Window Treatments

We hope that our guide has helped you narrow down roman shade options. When choosing your shades, always remember to trust your instincts. But if you need a professional’s opinion or you’re still unsure which roman shades to buy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Our designers can help you choose the perfect roman shades NYC to meet your needs and preferences. Urban Window Treatments has a large selection of colors, fabrics, and styles so that you can design the roman shades of your dreams!


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