How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Living and Dining Room

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Choosing window treatments for your living room and dining room can be challenging since you want your window treatments to be aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Naturally, you’ll want to purchase beautiful window treatments that reflect your style, but you’ll also want to consider other important factors like light control, privacy, and energy efficiency. We recommend that you assess your living and dining room and take note of the number and location of your windows. This will help you determine what requirements your window treatments should meet.


When you work with Urban Window Treatments, our designers will take your preferences, needs, and budget into account. We are more than happy to assess the rooms and windows in your home to provide the best recommendations. Our intention is that this guide window treatments will help you decide which window treatments are best for your living and dining room. Of course, you’re always welcome to reach out to us if you have any questions! 


Best Window Treatments for Living Rooms

The best part of selecting window treatments for your living room windows is that you have more flexibility than you do with other rooms in your home. This gives you the ability to focus more on expressing your style and personality through your window treatments while giving guests a positive first impression when they enter your home. Of course, your window treatments will need to do more than just look good. Perhaps you have multiple large windows and want to prevent your furniture from fading or you need extra privacy. An excellent approach to choosing the perfect window treatments is to consider how you use your living room. If you primarily use it for reading and relaxing, you’ll want to purchase window treatments that protect you and your furnishings from harmful UV rays without completely blocking out all the natural light. On the other hand, if you host a lot of movie nights, you may want to consider layering light-filtering shades with room darkening window treatments to filter out harsh sunlight during the day while having the option of creating the perfect setting for movie night.


Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds may be the perfect solution for your living room if you have extremely large and wide windows! These window treatments are sleek and stylish, and can make your living room feel larger. Vertical blinds can be partially opened to allow natural light into your home while still providing you with privacy, or they can be completely opened to show off your backyard. 


Roman Shades

Roman shades are window treatments made of a single piece of fabric that create soft folds when raised and showcase a design of your choice when closed. These window treatments will give your living room a relaxing and luxurious look. Do you have a favorite pillow or piece of furniture that you’d love to accent? These window treatments can be customized to match your furnishings or décor! 


Honeycomb Shades

Since living rooms usually have the most windows in the home, they may be more susceptible to energy loss. If you notice that your living room is cooler than the rest of your home, honeycomb shades might be the perfect solution for you. Honeycomb shades are energy-efficient and provide outstanding insulation. These window treatments trap air in their honeycomb-shaped cells, forming a barrier that prevents energy loss and saves homeowners a lot of money on their monthly utilities!



Shutters are a classic window treatment that are known for their elegance and style. These window treatments are available in a variety of materials including wood, composite, faux wood, and vinyl. Shutters are durable, won’t fade in the sun, and are easy to clean. 



Long, flowing drapes will add elegance to your living room while offering you exceptional insulation. To let in the maximum amount of light, you can leave your drapes fully open or partially open for more light control and privacy. When completely closed, drapes block out most light, creating the perfect setting for movie night! Dark-colored drapes create a dramatic and luxurious look, while light-colored drapes have a more casual aesthetic. Drapes can be combined with other window treatments for a beautiful finished look and additional features. 


Best Window Treatments for Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are where many homeowners entertain guests and share family dinners and are typically on the more formal side. Our guide window treatments recommends that you consider the direction of your windows. If your windows are facing west, light-filtering window treatments will block out some of the evening light while your family eats dinner. 



When it comes to dining room window treatments, long and dramatic drapes have always been a fan favorite. Trying to create a formal dining room? Drapes will tastefully frame your windows and create the sophisticated look that you’re aiming for. You can choose to layer drapes with additional window treatments for extra privacy and light-filtering capabilities. To tie the entire room together, match your drapes with your seat cushions or tablecloth.


Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are a beautiful and classic option that will completely transform your dining room. Choose from a large selection of stains, finishes, and textures to complement wooden cabinets or a stunning dining room table. Wood blinds provide many benefits including complete privacy, excellent light control, and durability. 


Roman Shades

Roman shades are another excellent option for dining room windows. When open, these window treatments form a beautiful frame around your window, and when closed, you can fully appreciate the design. When it comes to designing these shades, the sky’s the limit! You can customize the color, pattern, and fabric to create a completely unique look. Additionally, since Roman shades are lightweight, they can effortlessly be raised or lowered.

Now that you’ve read our guide window treatments for living rooms and dining rooms, you undoubtedly have a better understanding of the importance that window treatments play in our homes. They are necessary for helping every room serve its purpose while adding beauty and elegance. Whether you are looking for window treatments for your living room, dining room, or any other room in your home, reach out to Urban Window Treatments. We’ll make it our priority to choose window treatments that will best meet your needs and preferences!


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