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Do you need to treat oddly shaped or sized windows? Cathedral style and bay windows can be difficult, if not frustrating to treat. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t cover them! Harmful UV rays can damage your furniture and décor. Not to mention your need for privacy from nosy neighbors and random passers-by. When it comes to covering uniquely shaped and sized windows, you’ll need to forget about off-the-shelf window treatments and buy custom blinds NYC instead. Luckily, Urban Window Treatments is here to help you design the perfect custom window treatments for your home. Here are a few ideas for your oddly shaped windows:


Shower Windows

Do you have a window right next to or in your shower? Window treatments for shower windows must provide you with privacy and should also be moisture-resistant. We suggest buying aluminum mini blinds for your shower windows since they are affordable and moisture-resistant, but can easily be replaced if they get damaged by water.


Window Seat Windows

Window seats are stunning windows that provide you with gorgeous views of the outside. These windows are great for reading a book, taking a nap, or having long conversations in the afternoon sun. However, if these windows remain uncovered for an extended period of time throughout the day, they can let in blazing heat and dangerous UV rays. In our opinion, you should choose elegant window treatments that complement your windows such as shutters or Roman shades. Both of these window treatment options will add charm and warmth to your stylish nook.


Behind-The-Bed Windows

Treating windows that are behind your bed can be a tricky task. You’re going to want to look for window treatments that are easy to adjust and don’t overwhelm the room. We suggest selecting window treatments like shutters or drapery. Shutters add balance and will complement the structure of your headboard while drapes give the illusion of height. For even easier operation, we recommend purchasing motorized window treatments


Bay Windows

Bay windows provide such an incredible view of the outside and should be left uncovered for most of the day. However, you’ll still want to purchase custom blinds NYC for privacy and light control. Honeycomb shades are an excellent option for bay windows since they almost disappear when completely raised, allowing your window to be the main focus. When closed, these window treatments can still let in a decent amount of light, depending on which opacity you choose (there are many available opacities from light-filtering to blackout). Roman shades, which beautifully outline the top of the window when raised and produce soft and comforting folds when lowered, are another popular option for bay windows.


Stairway Windows

Stairway windows are another area where you want to take advantage of natural light but still require privacy. Consider faux wood blinds if you want a clean, uncluttered, and structured look or sheer curtains for a casual and modern style. On their own sheer curtains don’t provide much privacy but can be lined with a liner for extra privacy. 


Cathedral Windows

Cathedral windows introduce a classic architectural element to any room. The only problem is that you have oddly shaped windows at the top, where the windows come to a peak. While you always have the option of leaving the top windows uncovered, you may want to treat them since light, heat, and harmful UV rays can cause damage to your furnishings and décor. If you plan on covering these triangular windows, you will have to use custom blinds NYC. We also recommend purchasing motorized window treatments so that you can easily adjust the window treatments whenever you need to. Choose simple and functional window treatments for your cathedral windows such as honeycomb shades, faux wood blinds, drapes, or vertical blinds



Sunrooms get plenty of natural light. And while that can be a good thing, if you want to limit the amount of natural light that comes in, you’ll need to buy several window treatments. If you want window treatments that are tidy and blend into the room, honeycomb shades will do the trick. Honeycomb shades are available in top-down bottom-up styles, allowing you to lower the shades from the top and raise them from the bottom to take advantage of the sunlight! If you want a more sophisticated look, we recommend hanging drapes from the ceiling at intervals around the room.


Purchase Custom Window Treatments From Urban Window Treatments

When it comes to selecting window treatments for your uniquely styled and shaped windows, your best bet is to purchase custom blinds NYC. Although custom window treatments can be a bit of an investment, our beautifully crafted window treatments will fit your windows perfectly and last for many years. If you live around New York City, Urban Window Treatments would be more than happy to help you design the custom window treatments of your dreams! We can cover any window from traditional to unique sizes. Call us today to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation.


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