4 Reasons to Choose Custom Window Treatments

June 8, 2021by Yeshourun0

Do you enjoy choosing your home’s interior paint colors, flooring, furnishings, and decor? It can be fun and exciting to add your own personal touches and style to your home! If you are in need of new window treatments, you may want to consider selecting custom window treatments instead of stock window coverings. While purchasing off-the-shelf window treatments is certainly convenient and cheap, there are so many advantages to choosing custom window treatments. Urban Window Treatments is here to explain four reasons why you should choose custom window treatments and how they can help you save time, money, and achieve the interior design of your dreams.


Guidance From a Professional Designer

When it comes to choosing the perfect custom window treatments for your home, your professional designer from Urban Window Treatments will help you save time and money. Each member of our design team has years of experience in designing and installing a wide range of window treatments—from challenging arch shape windows to windows that are behind furniture and are hard to reach. Our attention to detail and professionalism will ensure that your purchase will last for many years to come. Since Urban Window Treatments has the latest window treatments and styles, you can expect that your window treatments will match the decor of your home instead of off-the-shelf products that sort of resemble your trim color. Need to match your window treatments to a hard to find off-white shade? Your professional designer can track down all the colors that you’ve been looking for. In addition to color and style advice, your designer will recommend window treatments that meet your needs and complement your style. You have options of choosing window treatments that can make your room look bigger, maximize light control, and help save energy. Our professional designers at Urban Window Treatments have the knowledge and expertise to help you choose the perfect window treatments.


Measured for Your Unique Window Sizes

The most frustrating thing about buying pre-made stock window treatments is that they are only available in select standard sizes. This means that if your windows are not a standard size, these mass-produced window coverings will not cover your windows efficiently. Ill-fitted windows can lead to all sorts of insulation, privacy, and light control issues. Urban Window Treatments will measure and fit each of your windows individually. We know that every window is unique and should be treated that way. Want beautiful drapes for your home? Unlike standard-width stock curtain panels that lay flat when closed, your designer will ensure that the material of your drapes gather with the right amount of fullness, even when the treatment is closed. With custom window treatments, you won’t have to worry about visible seams, mismatched patterns, and drapery that is too short or too long. Your custom window treatments will be made to fit your windows of every shape and size.  



While mass-produced window treatments don’t offer many choices, custom window treatment options are limitless when it comes to style, colors, and functions. Looking for a custom slat size for your blinds? Do you have a window that is hard to reach and want to motorize your shades? Only custom window treatments can offer such a wide range of possibilities. Another important aspect to consider is safety if you have children or pets at home. Luckily you can customize your window treatments to operate with wands, continuous cord loop controls, or wireless remotes to keep your children and pets safe. With custom window treatments, you’ll be able to meet both your needs and design preferences.


Superior Quality and Workmanship

While stock window treatments may seem cheaper initially, their price often comes at the cost of low-quality parts, and you will definitely end up spending more money replacing your window treatments in the long run. Stock blinds are prone to discoloration while mass-produced dark window treatments can warp due to heat and humidity. By purchasing custom window treatments from Urban Window Treatments, you can rest assured knowing that your window coverings are fashioned with the latest manufacturing techniques to operate safely for many years. 


There are many reasons why you should invest in custom window treatments instead of stock window treatments. You’ll be able to appreciate the many benefits of your custom window treatments for years as opposed to needing to replace your window treatments frequently. Although they may require a greater investment upfront, custom window treatments will save you time and money while adding beauty and functionality to your home. Schedule your free in-home consultation today at Urban Window Treatments and one of our professionals can help you get started on designing the window treatments of your dreams.


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