Custom Curtains and Drapes and How They Are Fit for Everywhere in Your Home

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Drapes have been serving and accessorizing homes for hundreds of years, their elegance, versatility, effectivity, and aesthetic have made these window treatments leering for centuries—but what about today? Are they too much, are they still in fashion? In this following blog, we’ll cover everything you need to know about custom drapes and you’ll end this blog knowing how this window treatment can fit anywhere across your home. 

Custom drapes can significantly help you design and control your room’s climate by filtering how much sunlight you’d like to come through which can be determined by fabric thickness, layers, and design. Drapery is common in rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms, but they can also fit into other rooms. Let’s dive into it. 

Are drapes and curtains still fashionable?

Drapes and curtains are timeless home fixtures as long as their design is kept up to theme with their surroundings. As of today, drapes have made headlines in home design and window treatment popularity. 

Depending on how you customize it and how your room is laid out, you can boost your room tenfold by fitting a proper drape to your room. Their drama and eye-catching qualities can turn any room into an aesthetically pleasing room designed just right. 

Where should the drapes fall? 

Drapes can be customized to stop right before reaching the floor or even have an elegant sweeping design where it meets the floor slightly. Methods such as this can make an illusion to make your room seem taller than it actually is as drapes are ceiling to floor and the eye follows linear patterns. For a lighter and more simplistic aesthetic consider stopping your drape short to hover over the floor to not overstuff your room. 

Of course, customizing your drapes means it’s up to you to decide how your drapes will fall and up to what standards you’re expecting them to meet. The exact design is entirely in your hands, so your home is also fitted with your taste. If you are unsure, you can always ask our professionals here at Urban Window Treatment, and we’ll gladly help you out. 

Is there a difference between curtains and drapes? 

This is one of the most common questions received about this specific window treatment. In nature, curtains and drapes are similar in the aspect that they fall from ceiling to floor, but in terms of style, curtains are far more flowing and dramatic than drapes which tend to be heavier fabrics. 

Additionally, drapes are made differently. Drapes, as mentioned above, are thicker with double layers and a fall that is stiffer but also very classy. Drapes tend to have a more determined fall that adds stupor and elegance to rooms that would fit their character. Something that most people don’t know, is that drapes are weighted. Small weights are sewn into the fabric to constitute the drape’s iconic stiff and tidy look down to the floor. This prevents from the drape moving too much and being affected by air flows around the house. 

On the other hand, curtains are lighter and breezier and are far looser giving a dramatic effect to any room it may be in, and are expected to move freer and even be affected by the air and wind flows that may add to their slow and waving quality it’s so known for. 

Why should I customize my curtain? 

Everyone has a vision and a dream for their rooms—what do you imagine when you think of your room’s window treatment? With the wide array of designs and lengths curtains come in, it can be daunting to choose through so many options and not knowing specifically what will fit your rooms. By customizing your curtain, you can effectively take your dream and make it a living reality. 

By customising your curtains or drapes, you can make your room feel more like you. You can decide on length, fabric, thickness, design, and cut and make your dream room a real room. 

So which do you recommend? Curtains or drapes? 

Both are fitting for any space, but the question is more about how you see your room and how you want to express your space. Drapes and their stiff fall make a very clean and elegant look while curtains have a far lighter and more dramatic appearance, the decision lies with the one customizing and their taste. 

Blinds and shades also make brilliant partners to drapes and curtains and can help fill each other out wherever you see they may be lacking, for example in aesthetics, effectivity, light, or climate control. 

To get the job done and keep the window treatment at a low, blinds and shades are recommended, while to give your room an extra pop, consider drapes or curtains to get the job done. 

Can I customize my valance for my curtain or drape?

Of course, valances make a perfect match for drapes and curtains and much of the time are customized along with the accompanying drape or curtain. If you’re wondering what a valance is, it’s an addition that is added above the drape or blind effectively hiding the upper parts of the window treatment while adding additional light control. This is a highly recommended addition to more traditional and cozy home lovers who want to add something small, but impactful to their rooms. 

For additional light control, add blinds or shades to your drapes or curtains.

Layering window treatments is recommended but isn’t as easy as it may seem. Layering your window treatments can help you fill in the spaces that one doesn’t or can’t, for example, curtains and drapes may let in light from cracks, while blinds or shades added into that equation can solve that problem and help you enjoy complete darkness. 

Layering gives you control over your privacy, the style of your home, and your lighting throughout the day. Enjoy the softly filtered daylight of cellular or solar shades, then close the blackout drapes to block the streetlight’s glare when it’s time for bed.

An additional plus that can’t go by without a special mention is how efficient window treatment can save you on your monthly electricity and energy bills. With efficient control of your lighting and heat/cold air that may be escaping into your house, you can find yourself living constantly in the ideal temperatures you personally prefer. 

Are drapes energy efficient? 

Drapes are designed to naturally be thicker and heavier, perfect for harsh climates whether it may be heat or the cold that may be bothering you. Windows with drapes tend to insulate much more thoroughly, and efficiently letting you enjoy either tour cooling or heating air conditioning. To maximize your insulation, consider layering drapes with cellular shades. Cellular shades with drapes are like wine and cheese—they just work brilliantly together, aesthetically, efficiently, and constantly.

Is energy efficiency important to you? Think custom curtains/drapes.

Buying a window treatment that doesn’t fit right and doesn’t function the way you hoped it would with your specific taste and window type is quite a bummer. 

With customizing your curtains or drapes, you are the one deciding on the measurements, the cuts, the design, the fabric, the design, and their functions. This essentially gives you all the power you desire when designing your dream room. Window treatments are by far among the most important aspects of a room’s design as they also play a role in your living standards and comfort, so customizing your curtains or drape means you’re customizing your comfort and your living space up to your ideal.

If elegance, luxury, comfort, and design are important to you,  customized curtains or drapes are what you need. 


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Urban Window Treatments believes in quality and service. With both of those values in mind, Urban strives to deliver the best possible experience to our customers. Your happiness is our success.


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