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May 22, 2020by Yishai0

Window shades come in many different types and sizes. It is sometimes overwhelming to navigate through the sheer variety of shades that any Window Treatments company will advertise. Here, we have listed 7 of our top picks that are sure to win over anyone with any taste, that is looking to redefine what their windows look like.

  1. Pirouette Shades: If you are looking for a custom shade design that offers the benefits of both a shade and a blind, then look no further. Our Pirouette Shades are uniquely designed with a combination of soft, horizontal fabric vanes (of various colors that you can choose from) attached to a single sheer backing. When you want privacy or the room darkened,  the horizontal fabric vanes can be pulled down and you have the same effect as a standard Roman shade. However, if you need light to filter through, the sheer backing and the horizontal vanes give some of the best light-filtering effects. You can thus harness the sun to your pleasure and adjust the shades accordingly.

2. Pleated Shades: Pleated shades are essentially one shade fabric that is folded on to itself. Its main advantage is that its simplicity allows it to be customized in a range of fabric styles and colors quite easily. With our Pleated Shades you can customize your shades in 20 different fabric styles and over 160 colors! This kind of flexibility allows you to experiment with a range of colors in different rooms. For example you can use a darker color for the bedroom and a lighter color for your living room. They are easy to maintain and repair in case of any damage to the shade or having loose or broken cords.

3. Honeycomb Shades: Think of honeycomb shades as being a combination of 2 pleated shades back to back. They are also known as Cellular shades. The name comes from having a number of cells shaped like honeycombs, that occur when two fabrics are folded back to back in order to create the shade. These cells become prominent when you raise the Honeycomb shades. The back-to-back fabrics are more than just a design strategy. Aside from creating thicker shades that can block out more sunlight, the “Honeycombs” trap air within them. This gives the shades an insulating property like no other. They will keep your house cooler in the summers and warmer in the winter. Our Honeycomb Shades can be customized in around 40 fabric styles, multiple colors, and comes in both retractable cord and cordless forms.

4. Soft Shades: These shades can be referred to any shade with a soft texture and refers mainly to the classic styles of shades such as Austrian, Roman, balloon, and cased shades. Our offering of soft shades is second to none, with elegant pairings with custom draperies and curtains for the best effect.

5. Vignette Shades: Vignette Modern Roman Shades by Hunter Douglas is truly one of a kind. If you are looking for the elegance of custom made drapery with the ease of a regular Roman shade to cover your windows, then look no further. These shades are truly a class apart and can make any home feel like that of Royalty. Hunter Douglas took great pains to make the perfect looking shade with a sophisticated design, with beautifully looking front and back designs and no exposed lift cords. With our Vignette Shades, you can customize your shades in a variety of shapes, fabrics, cord styles and have the option of having fabric-covered headrails and bottom rails to truly resemble draperies.

6. Roller Shades: Roller Shades basically work on a rolling pulley mechanism while it is pulled down or up. As opposed to traditional folding Roman Shades that fold and stack up, Roller shades do not have much stacking and have the advantage of being completely pulled up into the headrail when not needed. This is great for those that need the flexibility of having their shades completely pulled up to expose the sunlight. Our Roller Shades come in 3 main types of fabrics. They are, traditional, natural, and soft roller shade fabrics. We also provide about 48 fabric styles in a very wide range of colors. We have cordless and motorization options available too.

7. Bamboo Shades: As the name suggests bamboo shades are made of woven wood or bamboo. They can also be constructed out of jute and flax fibers. In any case, despite not having the same customization as other shades mentioned here; bamboo shades give a natural warmth, look and feel that can perhaps not be imitated by any other shade. For the environmentally conscious, this is also a great choice since these shades almost always use renewable material. Our Bamboo Shades come with a level of customization usually not seen in others. We provide 20 different styles and 77 colors and a lifetime guarantee for our bamboo shades!


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