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May 22, 2020by Yishai0

When people think of window blinds, they usually imagine plain, white horizontal vanes. In their mind these vanes can only be pulled up and down by cords that often tend to get stuck. The world of window blinds has become far more sophisticated than that. Today, you can have a plethora of colors, shades, and materials to create your customized blinds. Also, if you are tired of the horizontal vanes, then vertical ones are also a great option for your windows.

Here are our top 5 choices for highly customizable blinds that we offer, to cater to all possible tastes:

  1. Silhouette Blinds: Silhouette blinds is a registered trademark of Hunter Douglas who came up with its ingenious design. It features a signature S-shape fabric vane suspended between two sheer fabric panels. The idea is to use this combination to beautifully disseminate light across the room. Depending on the type of Silhouette blinds, you can use them to filter out strong sunshine or UV Rays; or use them for privacy, while still being able to view your outside surroundings. Our Silhouette Blinds are available in 9 fabrics and 88 colors. The Silhouette panels also have the option to completely disappear into the fabric-covered headrail when fully raised.

2. Luminette Blinds: Luminette® Blinds smartly combines the look and feel of draperies with a vertical paneled blind. They beautifully diffuse light throughout the room and allows for 180 degrees of control to help you choose a setting that’s best for your needs. This is done through the rotating fabric that is unique to its design.These blinds are appropriately designed for large windows and sliding doors. Our Luminette Blinds come in 10 fabrics and 68 colors, along with a lifetime guarantee.

3. Vertical Blinds: Our vertical blinds come in 2 different types of louver styles. You can choose from vinyl or fabric louver styles with 10 different styles that can be crafted and customized to your exact liking.

4. Aluminum Blinds: The thing that should impress you most about aluminum blinds is not the material it is made out of, but its amazing light-blocking capacity. They are both lightweight and durable (more durable than any other kind of blinds) and are ideal when used to block out light completely in any room. Our Aluminum Blinds combine durability and style in an amazing 107 different colors and finishes. So choose wisely!

5. Wood Blinds: Nothing can compare the natural and warm feeling of classic wooden blinds. We use carefully crafted and optimally selected slats for making our Wood Blinds. They are available in 87 distinct colors and finishes and come with our exclusive TopShield™ finish. Thus, your blinds will remain fade, moisture, scratch, and chemical-free and with a lifetime guarantee.


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