Which Window Treatments Can Be Automated?

February 28, 2021by Yeshourun0

Are you wondering if you can transform your current window treatments into automated ones? Depending on the type of window treatment you have you may be able to! Urban Window Treatments can motorize roller shades, honeycomb shades, Silhouette, Luminette, roman shades, wood blinds, vertical blinds, bamboo shades, and curtains. Reach out to us if you want to convert your curtains to automated curtains NYC! Here’s what you need to know about converting your regular old window treatments to automated ones.


Why Motorize Your Shades?

You may think that motorizing your shades is an expensive option that cannot be done for your existing shades, but that’s where you’re wrong. With the technology we have today, it’s not only possible but it’s also affordable to motorize your window treatments. A few advantages to motorizing your shades are:



Automated shades can be operated with a single touch of a button. While your current shades look good and function properly, you still have to get up to adjust them. But after automating your window treatments, you’ll be able to control them while you’re on the other side of the room! You can also set them to open and close at specific times of the day when you know that you’ll have your hands full.


Safe for Children and Pets

Window treatments with cords are hazardous for young children and pets. By getting your window treatment automated, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children and pets around your window shades. 


Protects Your Furnishings from the Sun

Constant sun exposure can damage your furnishings and possessions. By converting your shades to automated ones and then programming them to close at times of the day when the sun is the strongest, you can prevent discoloration and irreversible damage.


Want to know the other benefits of buying automated curtains NYC?


Window Treatments That Can Be Motorized 


Roller Shades

Roller shades are a popular choice among many homeowners. With their simple design, they are easy to customize. Do you want automated blackout shades for your bedroom? Contact Urban Window Treatments to enjoy the many benefits of automated roller shades today.


Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades provide great insulation and light filtering properties. Automating your honeycomb shades will help you get a good night’s sleep. By programming them to slowly open as the sun rises, you’ll wake up naturally as opposed to being jolted awake by an alarm clock. 


Roman Shades

Roman shades are made up of a single piece of fabric that features horizontal folds down the length of the shade. When roman shades are down they lay flat against the window, but when raised they fold up nicely. Get your roman shades motorized to be able to raise and lower your shades effortlessly, whenever you desire.  


Wood Blinds 

Wood blinds are a classic choice that is also compatible with motorization! The motors can control the tilt of the slats which will help you filter the light and therefore enable the perfect amount of insulation.


Vertical Blinds

Tired of getting up to tilt the slats of your vertical blinds? Remembering to open and close your vertical blinds can be exhausting. Simply get your vertical blinds automated to avoid the hassle! 



Curtains add style and elegance to your home while providing functional light control and privacy. But, it can be challenging to open your curtains every time you want to allow sunlight into your home and close your curtains when you want to block sunlight out. Why not convert your curtains to automated curtains NYC?


Best Automated Window Treatments from Urban Window Treatments

Whether you want to buy new automated window treatments or automate your current ones in New York City, our experts are happy to help you. We offer a wide selection of window treatments to choose from, most of which can be automated for an affordable price. Call us today if you have any questions!


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