How to motorize your shades ?

July 21, 2020by Yishai0

Shade motorization has become very popular these days. The rise of smart homes, smart devices and IoT (Internet of Things) is making it even more desirable and accessible. Remote controlling your shades and blinds is becoming as common as remote controlling your TVs and ACs. In fact, you now have dedicated smartphone apps for motorized blinds

Motorized shades, as discussed above have become the cornerstone of smart homes. Think about it, your windows are like the “eyes” of your homes. They are what give an outsider the first glimpse inside your homes. If you don’t have smart window shades and blinds, then you are lacking a major part of your “Smart Home”. And given the fact of how easy it is to get your shades and blinds, to be “Smart”, it’s a pity if you don’t do so.

These are the following ways how you can motorize your shades effectively.

  1. Battery Wand: Battery wands for window shades and blinds are quintessentially what remote controls are for TVs and ACs. They conceptualized smart blinds and shades in short. Battery wands run on 8-16 AA lithium-ion batteries and are placed either above, behind, or beside the shades/blinds in adjustment to the mounting that is used. The remote controls being used to control the mounted wands are either infrared or radio wave. Infrared remote controls literally give you the feel of TV remotes and allow you control from up to 15 feet away. Radio based control for your wands can be done by remote up to 90 feet away. They can also be pre-programmed to function via wall-mounted panels for your ease.    
  2. Solar Powered: A great choice for controlling your battery wands is using solar power. These solar-powered window treatments have a small solar panel with a rechargeable battery wand behind the window, in direct contact with sunlight. After an easy installation, your shades, and blinds will open and close with the power of the sun. No need for any fidgeting with remote controls. This is great for those that want the least hassle with their shades and blinds.
  3. Hard Wired motorization: If you have heavy blinds, drapery, and/or are simply tired of installing the battery wand, this is a great option. When correctly installed, the window blinds will be directly powered by your home 110-volt electricity grid. It will save you time and effort from constantly needing to change batteries and replacing wands.
  4. Smartphone motorization: In an era of smart everything, how can blinds and shades remain dumb? Smartphone motorization is the latest in shade motorization technology. They are easy to install, can be linked to your smart-grid, and can be controlled using an app installed on your smartphone. Using the new Z-wave and ZigBee technologies associated with IoT, smartphone motorization is becoming ever more common. Besides the convenience they offer, they are also the best way to cut down and optimize energy costs arising from Motorizing shades.


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